• Ton truck

    The company has 150+ tons of vehicles, including 3T, 8T, 10T and 12T All vehicles are equipped with GPS, and some of them are equipped with cameras, which can realize the whole process of visual monitoring of goods in transit

  • Container truck

    With 150+ container trucks, we can undertake dock cabinet and self-provided cabinet business

  • Refrigerating truck/refrigerating truck

    There are dozens of refrigerated trucks, including ton trucks, container trucks, air cushion trucks, dangerous refrigerated trucks, temperature control range of minus 20 degrees to plus 25 degrees, can transport photoresist, vaccines, detection reagents,

  • Dangerous goods truck

    Own dangerous goods ton truck, dangerous goods tractors, can undertake class-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 categories of dangerous goods transport

  • Platform truck

    With flatbed truck, air cushion flatbed truck, low row flatbed truck, can undertake large equipment or ultra long, ultra high, ultra wide cargo transport, transport aircraft engines, large equipment, yachts, precision instruments and so on