Air cargo palletizing
In order to provide customers with more comprehensive logistics services, the air transport punching business will be carried out in 2020. Air loading / beating is to load the goods that need to be loaded into the aircraft into the container according to certain rules. Except for those very small aircraft that do not have containers but only load bulk cargo tanks, other aircraft usually have containers (plates or boxes). The board beating actually includes the action of packing, that is, the goods are loaded on the board or in the box according to certain rules, such as lower weight and upper bubble. The board is divided into high, medium and low specifications. Each board and box has its own volume (volume) and weight restrictions. The loading workers pile the goods on these containers according to the rules, cover the net cover or close the box door, After that, the balancing personnel shall balance the plates and boxes according to the weight of the plates and boxes, and the worker
Air cargo palletizing
  • Professional team

    Professional punching team can provide various punching services
  • Full traceability

    Technology enables the network to be transparent and intelligent 
  • Air transport board in Hong Kong warehouse

    It can be made for different models
  • Air cargo transportation

    Own vehicle to transport the board to ST1, AAT, CPSL, AFFC Express Center Waiting station