Inland transportation
The route travels all over the country, takes South China as the base and sends to the whole country, covering east China, southwest, Guangxi, Fujian, North China, etc. Yonglianda has partners in different provinces in China to achieve convection in various regions and improve the efficiency and efficiency of our domestic logistics network!
Inland transportation
  • Own vehicle

    Own vehicles, flexible deployment
  • Full traceability

    Technology enables the network to be transparent and intelligent 
  • Intelligent system

    Independently developed transportation management system, which can realize real-time data docking
  • Port dredging container transportation

    The business scope covers Yantian port, Shekou port, Nansha port, Humen Port, Huangpu port and Zhongshan port
  • Domestic trunk transportation

    It is based in South China and sent to the whole country. The transportation lines cover East China, Southwest China, Guangxi, Fujian, North China, etc
  • Shanghai Port Ningbo Port express transportation first trip truck transportation

    With South China as the center, it radiates Shanghai Ningbo port, express ship and port dredging business, professional transportation team and rich operation experience, and sufficient vehicle resources
  • Truck transportation service for the first leg of China Europe train

    With South China and East China as the center, it radiates the first truck business of Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing and Changsha railways, with professional transportation team and rich operation experience, and its own vehicle resources are fully guaranteed
  • Land transportation between China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

    One belt, one road project, business scope radiation mainland Southern China / East / Southwest Vietnam, Thailand, Kampuchea, Laos