U.S. overseas warehouse
In order to provide customers with more comprehensive logistics services and expand overseas markets, Wingtat logistics established Wingtat U.S. overseas warehouse and purchased vehicles in Los Angeles in 2019. Based on nearly 30 years of logistics and warehousing experience of Yongda logistics, Yongda American overseas warehouse has profound logistics and warehousing operation details and can provide customers with high-quality logistics and warehousing services. And continue the concept of "service creates value" of Yongda logistics to become the best overseas warehouse. The U.S. overseas warehouse has a superior geographical location and is close to the top 10 FBA Amazon warehouses in Los Angeles. The distribution area radiates the Amazon warehouse in the United States and the advantageous area radiates the whole west of the United States.
U.S. overseas warehouse
  • Professional team

    Professional logistics personnel, all Chinese team, barrier free communication
  • Intelligent system

    Perfect logistics and warehousing intelligent system, customers can self-help online tracking
  • Own vehicle

    Own vehicles, flexible deployment
  • Shipping container lift + kappa

    The time limit for removing the whole container by sea is 3-12 hours. Remove the container immediately after taking it to the warehouse, and one container can be removed as soon as 3 hours;
    1-3 days in the western region and 4-7 days in the eastern region of the United States can be used for vehicle and bulk cargo delivery;
    Private warehouse delivery and wharf direct delivery are available in Los Angeles area
  • Air delivery + delivery

    FEDEX/UPS/USPS Price concessions, 24-hour delivery UPS、FEDEX
  • Local delivery + delivery in the United States

    The goods can be picked up and delivered on the same day in the United States
  • In Library value-added services

    It can provide labeling, changing labels, tallying, taking photos, distributing goods, replacing card boards, unpacking, sealing, punching and other services in the warehouse
  • One for distribution

    Coming soon